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In this second volume of The Drucker Foundation’s Wisdom toAction Series, twenty-seven remarkable thought leaders helptoday’s leaders meet the challenge of releasing the power ofinnovation. Leading for Innovation brings together Clayton M.Christensen, Jim Collins, Howard Gardner, Charles Handy, RosabethMoss Kanter, C. William Pollard, Margaret Wheatley, and otherthought leaders to offer you practical guidance on leading yourorganization to a new dimension of performance. This unprecedentedcollection explores the unique qualities required to leadinnovators, and shows you the way to develop a culture thatpromotes innovation.

The contributors encourage you to take the time to think aboutinnovation and describe how you must abandon practices that nolonger work for advancing the practice of innovation. Filled withspecific examples of the hands-on work needed to make innovation areality for leaders and their organizations, Leading for Innovationoffers a wealth of thoughtful and incisive essays that will helpleaders everywhere take their organizations and communities to anew level of excellence.

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