The Howl and the Pussycat

Ann Cory
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
3 ratings

Jacqueline’s sexy little Red Riding Hood outfit was supposed to rekindle her boyfriend’s flagging interest. Instead she’s red in the face and dumped for another woman. To add to the indignity, she finds herself pursued into the woods by a wolf.

Somehow she manages to escape, only to end up with two new pains—a twisted ankle, and a sexy rescuer who claims he’s been searching for her all his life.

After several decades of searching, Baldric is surprised that his destined mate is a provocative human woman with a catty attitude. Hardly a perfect match for a werewolf, but there can be no other partner for him. To seduce the woman he’s hungered for all his life, he’ll have to convince her hardened heart that he’s capable of love. And do it without scaring her off with the truth—that underneath his hard body beats the loyal heart of a wolf.

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