The problem for most brides is that wedding vendors,magazines, and your wedding planner aren’t interested in telling you how to save.

This is why a new guide has been created called, “Glamorous Weddings On A Budget!” It allows you to have the weddings of your dreams without creating major money worries for years to come.

You can easily slash 20, 50, even 80% of your off your budget if you know how.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Wedding Planning Made Easy!
Chapter 1: The First Step Before You Lift A Finger!
Chapter 2: The Big 10 Money-Saving, Hassle Eliminating Secrets!
Chapter 3: Coming Up With The Money!
Chapter 4: Timelines To Ensure Everything Runs Smoothly!
Chapter 5: Location
Chapter 6: Flowers
Chapter 7: Music
Chapter 8: Photography and Videography
Chapter 9: Wedding Cake
Chapter 10: Attire
Chapter 11: Food and Alcohol
Chapter 12: Favors
Chapter 13: Invitations and Websites
Wedding Website Resources:

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