New discoveries in biology are occurring at an incredible rate, and with these discoveries arise nearly unimaginable opportunities in every area of human existence. Imagine the excitement surround­ ing the “penicillin project” and the subsequent rapid development of anti-infective agents that took place in the 1940s and 1950s. Fast for­ ward to the world today and our ability to treat life-threatening infec­ tions. This is but one small piece in the present kaleidoscope of new therapeutic agents. In fact, the world of science, biology, and medi­ cine is changing so quickly that it is difficult for scientists and medi­ cal practitioners to stay abreast of their fields and confidently anticipate that their education and training will sustain them over a three- to four-decade career without considerable continuing educa­ tion and training. For the pharmaceutical scientist responsible for the discovery and development of therapeutic agents based on advances in biotechnology, it is imperative to quickly come up to speed and stay at the forefront of developments, which is no easy task for those not specifically trained in this area. Biopharmaceutical Drug Design and Development, edited by Susanna Wu-Pong and Yongyut Rojanasakul, cuts a potentially wide swath in terms of its intended audience. It clearly is a primer for those not trained in the area, or for those who wish to be brought into the mainstream of drug discovery and development in the world of bio­ technology.

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