Striking Sparks (PsyCop)

Jordan Castillo Price
Jordan Castillo Price , English
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    This is skipable unless you really like Crash.

Andrew’s life is spinning out of control, and he’s desperate for some guidance. He’s heard there’s a palm reader in Wicker Park who’s the real deal: a certified, honest-to-God psychic. He’s confident that she’ll tell him exactly what he needs to hear.

Too bad he didn’t account for how long it would take him to find parking.

The psychic’s gone, but one of the other shopkeepers in the building has a sympathetic ear. He’s pretty easy on the eyes, too.

Striking Sparks is set in the PsyCop storyverse, but it stands alone. Newcomers can hop right in and try it. Veteran PsyCop fans will be treated a good, long look at one of PsyCop’s supporting characters.

This adult novelette is approximately thirty pages long.

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