Logic programming refers to execution of programs written in
Horn logic. Among the advantages of this style of
programming are its simple declarativeand procedural
semantics, high expressive power and inherent
The papers included in this volume were presented at the
Workshop on Parallel Logic Programming held in Paris on June
24, 1991, as part of the 8th International Conference on
Logic Programming. The papers represent the state of the art
in parallel logic programming, and report the current
research in this area, including many new results.
The three essential issues in parallel execution of logic
programs which the papers address are:
- Which form(s) of parallelism (or-parallelism,
and-parallelism, stream parallelism, data-parallelism, etc.)
will be exploited?
- Will parallelism be explicitly programmed by programmers,
or will it be exploited implicitly without their help?
- Which target parallel architecture will the logic
program(s) run on?

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