Wireless home networks are better than ever! The emergence of newindustry standards has made them easier, more convenient, lessexpensive to own and operate. Still, you need to know what to lookfor (and look out for), and the expert guidance you’ll findin Wireless Home Networks For Dummies, 3rd Edition helpsyou ensure that your wire-free life is also a hassle-free life!

This user-friendly, plain-English guide delivers all of thetips, tricks, and knowledge you need to plan your wireless homenetwork, evaluate and select the equipment that will work best foryou, install and configure your wireless network, and much more.You’ll find out how to share your Internet connection overyour network, as well as files, printers, and other peripherals.And, you’ll learn how to avoid the “gotchas” thatcan creep in when you least expect them. Discover how to:

  • Choose the right networking equipment
  • Install and configure your wireless network
  • Integrate Bluetooth into your network
  • Work with servers, gateways, routers, and switches
  • Connect audiovisual equipment to your wireless network
  • Play wireless, multiuser computer games
  • Establish and maintain your network’s security
  • Troubleshoot networking problems
  • Improve network performance
  • Understand 802.11n

Whether you’re working with Windows PCs, Mac OS Xmachines, or both Wireless Home Networking For Dummies,3rd Edition, makes it fast and easy to get yourwireless network up and running—and keep it that way!

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