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This 112 page workbook is designed for the Beginning TEEN & YOUNG ADULT who wishes to study Astrology. As you enter that period of time in your life when you are just learning new things about yourself, this workbook will help you to discover your gifts, natural strengths & talents, as well as challenges in life. It will take you, step-by-step, into the process an Astrologer goes through when he or she interprets your Astrological Chart. FLASH CARDS, a CROSSWORD PUZZLE & CHART FORMS are included to assist you. You will Learn How to Quickly Analyze and Interpret Your Astrology Chart!

This easy-to-follow workbook for Beginning Astrology students will enable you to: Understand your own CHART/SCRIPT so that you may Perfect your PERFORMANCE on the STAGE of LIFE , Be able to better TIME your ENTRANCES & EXITS , As you DEFINE and PLAY your many ROLES in life

Chapters include: Basic Terminology & the Meanings of : Planets, Signs, Houses, Symbols, The 4 Basic Elements, The Triplicities & Quadraplicities and their meanings, The Rising Sign & How to Determine the Rising Sign, The Nodes, Retrograde Planets, Aspects, Orbs of Influence. Each chapter has a test and their is a crossword puzzle exam also!

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