Daimon Burns has one last chance to redeem himself. His undercover assignment is none other than the very flashy and insanely rich, Jefferson Bartel. In no uncertain terms can he fail. If he does, it means his career. Daimon will have to use his sexual arsenal to worm his way into Jefferson’s life and bed. According to all reports, his best weapon is between his legs. Jefferson is a multimillionaire with rumored links to the mob. His tastes run toward handsome, well-built younger men and he goes through his boy toys like a snake sheds its skin. When he sees a rugged dark stranger surfing near his home on the beach, his instincts tell him danger, but his body screams sex! An accident presents an opportunity for Daimon to find the information he needs to either nail Jefferson Bartel to the cross or redeem him. What Daimon finds out is more than he bargains for, while his heart opens up to the man that is his assignment. Will Daimon lose his heart to this handsome older man or will it be broken along with his soul?

Sensuality Rating: SCORCHING
Genre:  Contemporary Alternative M/M

Length: Novella (18,700 words)

4 Stars: Stiff Assignment by Skylar Sinclair was not what I was expecting, but I have to say this book rocks! Ms. Sinclair has created both realistic characters and a feasible storyline, all the while weaving a romantic edge that I have not seen enough of lately. Daimon Burns is every woman’s fantasy man, tall, dark and handsome with a HUGE cock; it’s unfortunate that we lost him to the guys. I know we can’t have ‘em all. sigh He’s smart, athletic and an all around good guy. Then there’s Jefferson, the older, distinguished, self-made businessman who by all accounts surprised me with his good heart and gentle ways. And we must not forget the sex, whew! When these two come together they don’t just burn, they explode! Sinclair has created a wonderfully romantic story that leaves you burning long after you’ve closed the book. The two characters make an unlikely pair but somehow it just seems to work. Stiff Assignment flows really well; it’s fast paced, and grabs the reader’s attention right from the start and will keep you turning pages long into the night.” -Stefani Clayton, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars: “Skylar Sinclair is a brilliant author. Her blend of sensuality and romance combined perfectly to make Stiff Assignment a perfect spicy read. Ms. Sinclair’s characters have an amazing amount of likeability. The strength of her story and the amount of depth she has given to the plot, makes the reader wish for more. I, as a reader, look forward to more from this talented author.” -Kimberley, Ecataromance

4 Cups: “The attraction between the two characters is clearly felt from the beginning page of the book. The emotions she instills in her characters is fascinating and brings life to the story. Ms. Sinclair has shown us once again she knows how to capture a reader and keep them. I would recommend this book to any fan of Ms. Sinclair’s and encourage others to read it as well.” -Liadan, Coffee Time Romance

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