Use your home to finance your retirement

Forgot to save for retirement, but bought a house? Saved a lot and also bought a house? Whatever your situation, Retire on the House can show you how to best use your home equity for a long and prosperous retirement.

Focusing on both retirement and real estate, Retire on the House is designed for retiree homeowners who want to use their home equity to finance their retirement. Filled with valuable insights and practical advice, this unique guide illustrates a number of ways this can be done, including:
Selling your current home at the top of the market, moving to a less expensive residence, and retiring on your profits
Obtaining rental income from your current home by renting to boarders
Remodeling your home into units for much higher rental income
Three options for obtaining cash from your home without selling, remodeling, or renting it
Reducing or eliminating retirement expenses such as taxes
Balancing your real estate portfolio by diversifying with other asset classes

Many of today’s homes have tremendous value, and with Retire on the House as your guide, you’ll discover how to use this value to achieve the retirement you deserve.

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