Out for Christmas

Amelia Elias
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
4 ratings

Christmas honeymoon in Australia—$15,000
Refund on returned engagement ring—$2000
Taking the first step out of the closet—PRICELESS

Zach Myers dreamed of a Christmas honeymoon on Australia’s Gold Coast for as long as he could remember, but having his bride back out only weeks before their wedding put something of a damper on his plans. With the trip already booked and paid for, he decides to go anyway. Besides, some time alone might help him decide why he’s having these strange urges to stare at other men…

Sexy Aussie bartender Mitch Grey occupies much of Zach’s mind during the first week of his vacation, only adding to his confusion. Mitch, however, isn’t a bit confused. He’s been “out” for years and knows a good thing when he sees it. Now he just has to convince Zach that coming out might be the best Christmas gift he can ever give himself.

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